Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blessings On My BIG Girl Day

The moment I heard Mom's voice over the phone, wishing me "Happy Birthday sweetheart". I bursted into tears. I could not help myself to stop crying. None of my family members called me just yet. Have the forgetten me. I always be the one, to alert them on other's sibling birthday. So none of us missed celebrating the joy together. Now everthing just completely unknown. "Why did you late to wish me, Mom? It is already noon. Have you forgotten me?" "Sweetheart, my phone run out of credit. I am at the mall now-top up credit. You are the first person I call today" I could hear vividly that she cried too. Being the only witness, Sayang consoled me to be realistic in making conclusion. Oh silly me. Being too emotional and alleviate the anger to my angelic mom. Guilty feelings started hunting me. I returned her call to appologize. Accepting the faith in redha.

Later, all the gloomy mood transformed to sunshine and rainbow. Magically,  I received a lot of phone calls and texts, even got surprised birthday cake during check out from the hotel (Did I mention, I had been sponsored for 1 night stay at a hotel located in the heart of KL as our wedding gift, and cleverly I redeemed it on my birthday?), even FREE cheese cake cuppies at The Loaf (terms and conditions applied) and most importantly, quality time togetherness with Sayang.

On my birthday, hard lesson learnt. How little we thank Allah for the blessings He has bestowed upon us!!