Monday, June 22, 2009

You've Got Me Speechless

~I'm in love~

It was a blissful Sunday Morning...
Mom was in town hence sayang invited us to a private resort located outskirts of town...

I completely lost of words once we seek the solace inside it. The place is really beyond my imagination...
MasyaAllah.. It is simply breathtaking...
It certainly conveys peace, tranquility and that "at that moment" all is right with the world! Yay!!!

P/s: Thanks sayang for giving me this amazing experience...

Take 1... Take 2... Action!!

~click on the pics to enlarge~

Just a couple of days at the new company, I have been assigned to join a team for documentary-making. Me??? why me???? Are they nuts.....??? With an accounting background why do I need to be in that team? Ooopss... My heart says: Did they know I just love to be in front of sayang's camera? I took the challenge and later little did I know... something amazing happened... A lot of good laugh and exposure I gained during the process of documenting a reality. This documentary is meant to capture string of moments at B.Hills and subsequently promote it as a great place for vacation, recreational, education and etc.

Frankly speaking, the process for this documentary-making was tedious.

Behind the scene:

Though we did not know each other, during the journey up we managed to get the connection to unite us as one team...
We woke up early in the morning to capture sunrise scene... We drove buggy to go up the hills to get nicest view.... We'd been buzzing with phone calls to alert office of our whereabout and updates... With limited time, we needed to maximize our effort to make a full coverage of B.Hills..

Though it was gruelling, all the super hard works really paid off when I saw the completed documentary. I am soo giddy with excitement. Hardly believe I was one of the team members...
You guys rocks!!!!Kudos to Us!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moved Out

Dear My Lovely Friends,

I have forgotten my password and email add to access blogspot. My bad!!
Hence I am creating a new one to compensate it.
Hope I won't forget this one either.
I am beyond excited to linger my fingers again subsequently translate my thoughts in here.


I am no longer working at XXX company hence any emails sent using office email ID no more reachable.. Find free in the meantime, to disseminate

***gossips (oh pls pls.... rejuvenate me)

***warehouse sales (oh pls do not missed my name in your recipient list)

*** job vacancies ( erk... do I need another job now? .. deep thinking... will consider, huhu)

***and etc to my yahoo email id.

Yours truly,