Thursday, July 22, 2010

So long Blogging World?

Hi Lovies,

These few couple of months, (if u noticed, please say yes) I have been hibernating myself from you.
Major transition had took place which demanded me to temporarily say so long to you.
No worries Lovies, today I have guts to compromise the commitment and sharing my life with you that...... (drum rolls please!!!!)

I am now officially married to Sayang.
Alhamdulillah, syukran.

Thank you Allah, for matching me with him.
I love being around him and his family.
No prejudice, feel so welcome.

The wedding is over. The memories remain forever and priceless. 

~Butterflies in My Stomach~
~The Engagement Ring. Oh yes, engagement and solemnization on the same day~
~Marriage Register: Look behind, is she your BTB? Sayang: *Blushing*~  
~Hooray time.....~
~With my new parents... Love them~
~She is my strengh. Without her I doubt I could embrace the wedding-prep-tension. May Allah swt bless Mama always~
~Familia potrait~


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